Pokémon – The Great Voting: Choose your favorite Pokémon!

Top lists are always a way to get rid of the minds of readers: once you have the one person not high enough, sometimes the other game is too low, and in the case of Pokémon it is anyway only subjective opinion.
So, let’s decide what is the best Pokémon of all? So that you do not have to click through over 800 different Pokémon, our domestic Pokéfan Darius has restricted the selection to 100 Pokémon. If a certain Pokémon or a certain Evolution level should not be there, we apologize. The Pokémon are sorted alphabetically for the sake of clarity.
The first thing to do is Absol: A popular third-generation non-Pokémon. Often overlooked, it is a well-liked niche Pokémon, which also gained popularity thanks to its mega-evolution.

Arktos is one of the three legendary birds from the first Pokémon generation. It is mostly found in icy areas, and thanks to Pokémon GO again gained in popularity.

Bulbasaur is repeatedly named as the most unpopular Kanto starter; wrongly! Thus, Bulbasaur was at least one of the most loyal and important companions of Ash in the anime, and was able to gather many fans behind him.

The legendary fourth-generation unlight Pokémon is also featured here, but it has a very dark prehistory: in Pokémon Diamond / Pearl / Platinum, a little boy will fall into a coma! To save the boy, the protagonist must go to the legendary Pokémon Cresselia to get a lunar pen with which the boy can be awakened from his eternal sleep.

The most versatile Pokémon is: Ditto! Thanks to the attack converter, which only Ditto and Mew can master, Ditto can turn into any Pokémon and its variation. Even if a Giratina is, for example, in its original form, Ditto becomes a Giratina in its original form.
And in case of need, Ditto is always a fantastic helper when you want to have Pokémon eggs!

Comment your favourite pokemon name below 🙂

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