Hungry Shark World – Eat All You Can

Today we bring you a game of a big company like Ubisoft, which this time will surprise us with the sequel of the game of sharks so famous and loved by all Hungry Shark Evolution. Return sharks ready to eat the world in this new delivery Hungry Shark World, as we know we will have to handle a shark and go everything we see in our path to survive, among the novelties we will see later we find new landscapes Where to be able to give us the binge, 17 new species, etc. Without doubt a new title that will keep us for hours glued to the phone or tablet.

An improved version with new characters
In Hungry Shark World as well as its first delivery the game will consist of taking our shark to handle it and trying everything that we find in our step to be able to survive for more time, since if we start to stop eating and to feel hungry will arrive a moment in The one we will die.We all know that eating people who are bathing will give us a great score and great amount of life but be careful because on the shore if you get too close there will be police and people who will shoot you and take much health, but if you are Skilled will be able to escape and recover health and escape.

There are also things that do not change like we will encounter a series of animals that will be too big for us to eat or other sharks that will attack us when we approach them.

Possible Features
In Hungry Shark World have added a number of extra features that will make the game have more options to play and not just an arcade where we eat fish and multiple animals.

Among them we find some 3D graphics with the graphic quality of a console much improved to its previous version. We are going to find 17 new species of sharks that we will unlock little by little or we will have the option to immediately unlock the sharks that we like buying them with gems (the gems will be bought with real money through in app purchases) or if you do not want to spend real money then you can also opt for a hungry shark world hack which allows you unlimited access to gems and coins.

From each of the sharks that we unlock we will have the option to improve three specific qualities through the gold that we get as we play, we can improve their speed, their teeth and their turbo.

Depending on the size of the sharks we will be able to incorporate a small pet that will go with us and will eat at the same time as us but this will provide us with score x2, or we will get them doing a certain number of missions, etc. To each of the sharks we will be able to buy a series of objects that will improve their health, or their abilities or will defend. We will also be able to buy a series of ornaments that will provide a series of bonuses depending on the ornament we buy.

Finally we will have to know that the different new maps that this sequel is going to bring us will have to unlock and then buy. We will buy them with a high amount of gold so we will save a lot if we are going to want to buy them.

Analysis of Hungry Shark World
In this aspect the game has a good point in its favor although it is not the best, it has some good fun sound effects that perfectly complement this great game.

With 3D graphics approaching the console level this game will be a big bet on this year’s arcade games. With incredible landscapes that will make us enjoy fun while we play.

Hungry Shark World is going to have a gameplay identical to that of its predecessor delivery, so we have little to add in this aspect.

Hungry Shark World will be a sequel to a successful game like Hungry Shark Evolution and these are always going to have the incentive to look like the old delivery and that can be a copy, etc. But this time, Ubisoft has managed to make a sequel that has certainly awakened in many the worm to play again with these little sharks.

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