Top lists are always a way to get rid of the minds of readers: once you have the one person not high enough, sometimes the other game is too low, and in the case of Pokémon it is anyway only subjective opinion.
So, let’s decide what is the best Pokémon of all? So that you do not have to click through over 800 different Pokémon, our domestic Pokéfan Darius has restricted the selection to 100 Pokémon. If a certain Pokémon or a certain Evolution level should not be there, we apologize. The Pokémon are sorted alphabetically for the sake of clarity.
The first thing to do is Absol: A popular third-generation non-Pokémon. Often overlooked, it is a well-liked niche Pokémon, which also gained popularity thanks to its mega-evolution.

Arktos is one of the three legendary birds from the first Pokémon generation. It is mostly found in icy areas, and thanks to Pokémon GO again gained in popularity.

Bulbasaur is repeatedly named as the most unpopular Kanto starter; wrongly! Thus, Bulbasaur was at least one of the most loyal and important companions of Ash in the anime, and was able to gather many fans behind him.

The legendary fourth-generation unlight Pokémon is also featured here, but it has a very dark prehistory: in Pokémon Diamond / Pearl / Platinum, a little boy will fall into a coma! To save the boy, the protagonist must go to the legendary Pokémon Cresselia to get a lunar pen with which the boy can be awakened from his eternal sleep.

The most versatile Pokémon is: Ditto! Thanks to the attack converter, which only Ditto and Mew can master, Ditto can turn into any Pokémon and its variation. Even if a Giratina is, for example, in its original form, Ditto becomes a Giratina in its original form.
And in case of need, Ditto is always a fantastic helper when you want to have Pokémon eggs!

Comment your favourite pokemon name below 🙂

Today we bring you a game of a big company like Ubisoft, which this time will surprise us with the sequel of the game of sharks so famous and loved by all Hungry Shark Evolution. Return sharks ready to eat the world in this new delivery Hungry Shark World, as we know we will have to handle a shark and go everything we see in our path to survive, among the novelties we will see later we find new landscapes Where to be able to give us the binge, 17 new species, etc. Without doubt a new title that will keep us for hours glued to the phone or tablet.

An improved version with new characters
In Hungry Shark World as well as its first delivery the game will consist of taking our shark to handle it and trying everything that we find in our step to be able to survive for more time, since if we start to stop eating and to feel hungry will arrive a moment in The one we will die.We all know that eating people who are bathing will give us a great score and great amount of life but be careful because on the shore if you get too close there will be police and people who will shoot you and take much health, but if you are Skilled will be able to escape and recover health and escape.

There are also things that do not change like we will encounter a series of animals that will be too big for us to eat or other sharks that will attack us when we approach them.

Possible Features
In Hungry Shark World have added a number of extra features that will make the game have more options to play and not just an arcade where we eat fish and multiple animals.

Among them we find some 3D graphics with the graphic quality of a console much improved to its previous version. We are going to find 17 new species of sharks that we will unlock little by little or we will have the option to immediately unlock the sharks that we like buying them with gems (the gems will be bought with real money through in app purchases) or if you do not want to spend real money then you can also opt for a hungry shark world hack which allows you unlimited access to gems and coins.

From each of the sharks that we unlock we will have the option to improve three specific qualities through the gold that we get as we play, we can improve their speed, their teeth and their turbo.

Depending on the size of the sharks we will be able to incorporate a small pet that will go with us and will eat at the same time as us but this will provide us with score x2, or we will get them doing a certain number of missions, etc. To each of the sharks we will be able to buy a series of objects that will improve their health, or their abilities or will defend. We will also be able to buy a series of ornaments that will provide a series of bonuses depending on the ornament we buy.

Finally we will have to know that the different new maps that this sequel is going to bring us will have to unlock and then buy. We will buy them with a high amount of gold so we will save a lot if we are going to want to buy them.

Analysis of Hungry Shark World
In this aspect the game has a good point in its favor although it is not the best, it has some good fun sound effects that perfectly complement this great game.

With 3D graphics approaching the console level this game will be a big bet on this year’s arcade games. With incredible landscapes that will make us enjoy fun while we play.

Hungry Shark World is going to have a gameplay identical to that of its predecessor delivery, so we have little to add in this aspect.

Hungry Shark World will be a sequel to a successful game like Hungry Shark Evolution and these are always going to have the incentive to look like the old delivery and that can be a copy, etc. But this time, Ubisoft has managed to make a sequel that has certainly awakened in many the worm to play again with these little sharks.

Do you want a point guard tinkering with NBA 2K17, dominating the build-up play well, we have put together for you a build in our guide which will help you in this. We tell you what is important in NBA 2K17, because small changes there have been in the way. Below you learn what archetype is suitable in our opinion the best for the point guard.

Have you VC in NBA 2K17 or do a lot of time invested in the training, so you can outsmart any attribute-Caps. However, the means to put in a lot of work rounder. Do you want to create a priority a good point guard, in her invest money and time will indeed, which nevertheless does a good job for much less of it, then just look at our Build.

Tips and Tricks to Pick ‘n Roll

Who knows a little about basketball, knows what “pick and roll” is. For German it anyway means “to block and roll”. This is a standard move in basketball. Here are two attackers in possession and they stand against two defenders. The attacker without the ball blocked here the path of the defender, so that the ball guides can take an appropriate position to shoot.

  • You can help one of your players get by you press on the controller L1 / LB. He will then take over the blockade, so you can shake your defender. but you must not wait too long, otherwise it might be able to adapt your opponents the situation. In addition, could risk a blocking foul when you wait too long your teammates.
  • Using R1 / RB you can switch between roll and fade. Is your teammate namely a good middle distance launcher, then fades offer because he can then after blocking remove from the basket and then get a free throw.
  • You can also switch the block (right or left) by you press R2 / RT. That’s especially important that you turn your strong hand want to use.
  • Although the blockade has been successful, you should not only determined to Lay – Lay the up – or move on to Dunk. Surprised your opponents some games. The Dunk is the way the situation where a player slams the basketball through the basket and then remains casually hanging on the basket. To surprise opponents you could for example use Step Backs or Hesitations (a special Dribble Move) and unexpected passes.

NBA 2K17 – Build for a point guard

The archetype Playmaker / playmaker provides for the point guard in NBA 2K17 particularly well to create a balanced point guard. The advantages of playmaker are its speed and its good passes. In addition, he can dribble like a young god. Equipped with badges like Ankle Breaker, dimer and Pick & Roll Maestro, it can not be otherwise. Nevertheless, there are other things that should observe her while creating the point guards. The following table lists the essential you:

NBA 2K17 has numerous plaques and badges to unlock and our guide, we will call you the activation conditions, so you can bring out as many bonuses as possible for your players. Many of these badges (eng. For plaques) you can after also unlock upgrade, even several times to even get better effects. Below we tell you also what you have to do to get “Hall of Fame”.

Each archetype in NBA 2K17 has 5 plaques, most of which can be improved. The badges are repeated also, so you will not get to the impressive number of 55 different plaques. To use all the plaques unlock must, repeat their actions specified number of times until you get the badges. What actions there are, you can extract the table below. Below we tell you how you can make the simple badge “Hall of Fame”.

The five own plaques of archetypes can be improved. First you will unlock the bronze variant of badges and work your way across the silver and gold to the “Hall of Fame”. This means that only these five, the archetypes supplied listening badges can be brought to the “Hall of Fame” stage.

NBA 2K17 – shooting guard: The Shooter

Do you want a good shooter tinker, so you have the choice between two archetypes. To improve your gaming experience you need Locker Codes for NBA 2k17 on your account in few seconds. Whichever you decide, depends entirely on your preferred playing style. Whether you prefer to throw designers (shot Creator) or Sniper (Sharpshooter) selects, this shooting guard should remain at its height under 2 m. As shot Creator you should be a little smaller, so that you may benefit from a higher speed. The Sharpshooter may be slightly larger again. The weight of the shooting guard should always be easy, because in this case will receive their bonuses for speed.

Tips and tricks for Team and Organization

During a match Teamwork counts. Therefore, you should get to know her your team and know the strengths and weaknesses of your comrades. This is a process which is very important if you want good games lie. Uses accordingly the strengths of your teammates to the thing.

  • The automatic change is not always the best option. Sets here rather own hand and look at managing your team. You can specify a much better line-up itself. Thus it is also ensured that not to place your players.
  • Especially when its online play, it may happen that you are playing against some basketball superstars. In this case you should ensure that also your Elite Defender care of those cronies. Only so you can allow to master even spontaneous situations well and lie good defensive stops here.
  • Keep the mismatches in the eye. If you see that one of your players is superior to his opponents hands down, then uses it and maneuvered the next pass to him.
  • Sometimes intentionally foul can be used intelligently. So you can use this to weak free-throw shooter. Your frustrated that their safe opportunities – she finally have got enough players.

clash of clans farming

Before you start writing two lines of introduction. In fact, you have to know that this comprehensive guide Farming Clash of Clans will be useful and applicable to all players of all levels: whether you’re a new player who has just started (and which still has the protection of the 3 days of the Shield) or you is a high-level, skillato and experienced player, earning 750,000 d ‘gold units for your next Town Hall renovation will not be a problem!

Raiding the enemy’s Village Farming with Hack

I think that the type of raid which I will describe here is the most complete and detailed form of “heavy”. Not everyone will agree with me on this point. Some people consider the “Farming” exclusively as actions that require a very low level of trophies, and / or use of goblin units massively.

I personally think all those actions that are intended to get the resources (rather than winning trophies) a form of Farming. Especially when you are looking for an easy game, rather than fight someone of the same level or higher.

Ok, but what does this mean, you ask? Well, simply that this comprehensive guide Farming Clash of Clans, it is full of tips and tricks, but are subjective, CIE relate my own way of playing. For example, I do not really like to do some kind of heavy, that for example where goblins clusters, or get off at a super-low level in the number of trophies. This was just to point out how I intend on Farming in Clash of Clans.

If you are more prone to this other way of seeing the game, I suggest you read you this other my guide on how to quickly expand the Village Clash of Clans.

The advantages in raiding villages

Raiding the village’s main objective is all that I will discuss in this comprehensive guide Farming Clash of Clans: ottenre many resources as possible. Later I will tell you is how to get large amounts of gold and elixir, although are almost identical when trying to razziarli. Generally gold is more valuable to the players, since it is easier to spend (right away in fact both on the walls and for the defense) of Elixir (Elixir because the buildings are used for offensive and for combat units) .

The Perfect Raid

Raiding a village allows you to increase your revenue with literally unlimited resources. The amount of Gold and Elixir that you raid are limited only by your skills and your investment of time. But remember: you’ll lose about 20 trophies every time that you can not destroy the town hall opponent!

perfect raid with coc hack

The raid is perfect when you put in the field the least possible number of units and when you focus only on those resources that are easy to raid, skipping the deposits or the most protected mines.

The perfect raid has two main success factors. In the first place, and I know for a fact that is also what you were thinking, it is the total amount of what you can steal. Second, equally important but often overlooked, it is the investment you make in order to obtain these resources. This means even counting the actual cost of the units distributed during the raid, and also the time it will take to rebuild the units lost.

Resources Hack – determine the source: Deposit vs Mining

Once you’ve figured if you attack a village deserves based on total resources, the next step is to check where they are located. Obviously the resources you will find them both in deposits, in both extractors and mines, but several villages have different percentages in their concetrazione. And here comes the ability to be able to say how many resources can be in each of these facilities, and it will be very useful for those who can master this technique.

The first thing to do and come back with the mind to total resources: the total amounts of each resource are in round numbers? (For example 50,000 or 36,500 or 42,750). If so, this is great news!

This is someone who has not logged in for a long period of time: their extractors and mines are full, and have nothing in their stores. This comes after it was attacked and awarded 3 stars at least once (or several times) recently. Why is it important? It means that you can just raid the Extraction / Mining and steal 100% of the resources.

This is the optimal situation because literally there will be nothing in the deposits (which are usually better protected). So you can easily plunder the Extractors and Mines, and go away happy.
visual method to identify the amount of resources

In this comprehensive guide Farming Clash of Clans I propose an alternative method to measure at a glance the amount of resources in a village. It ‘a technique that you should use only when the number of resources is not a nice round number, or when you can not decide, maybe because the sum is hard to do in mind.

So as stable as many resources there are only a look? You will need to simply observe Extractors and Mines. Does it seem too simple and unreliable? Maybe, but I assure you it works! In fact, in the game, based on how full or empty a puller or Mines, graphics comes to help. Look at the pictures below (as a side note the ‘Elixir is much easier to individual at a glance relative to gold).

Complete Guide Farming Clash of Clans: should i attack or not?

Once you’ve figured out how many resources there are and where they are in the Village, comes the big question: “Attack or not? Should I? ”

It ‘a sensible question, but I can tell you that in the end, it is up to you to decide whether the relationship between the resources that you can achieve and the risk of failure make it a worthwhile village to be attacked, or if you have to continue to look for another.

It ‘true that a lot depends on your assessment and the experience you have of Clash of Clans, but in this comprehensive guide Farming clash of clans hack tool want to give you even more and I propose you a useful table on which to base the assessment of risk.

fifa 16 hack

In FIFA 16 dribbling will take its place in the game again. As in the predecessor to the Dribbling has been found in the game apart from all the tricks and skill moves as nice features to leave the enemy and to go by him with the ball. But compared to last year Electronic Arts has made as a number of changes and announced the so-called “No Touch Dribbling” for FIFA 16th This will not only bring some benefits but also more freedom for the player. What this is exactly is and what impact has the new feature on the dribble in the game, we have summarized below.

Theoretically, each player controls the new no-touch Dribbling in FIFA 16. So some things are but also works in practice on the court observed.

  1. Firstly, the player should have a high value in the speed and dribbling. The speed is important so that you can quickly drop off the ball after feinting to the opposing player and the high Dribbling values ?? reduces the risk that is lost the ball there.
  2. The No Touch Dribbling makes sense only if one is already running up at a high speed to the opposing player. Although one can dribbling even at low speed or after commencement of running, here it is but in our opinion not very effective.
  3. The new Dribbling can theoretically be carried out by any player. These include not only well-known players like Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo but also players with a rating of at least 2 stars on the skills.

Get the most out of FIFA 16 and read out all guides and tips for soccer simulation. We show you how to play the new FIFA and present you tutorials for free kicks or penalty. We ask you for Ultimate Team the best talent before and also explain how you can get many coins in FUT. Here you will find all the tips you need.

FIFA 16 is a football simulation and as befits a simulation, there is a lot to discover. With this overview you come to show all important guides, tutorials and tips on net world. So it’s worth, drop by again. This item is gradually updated.

FIFA 16: Guides for standards, gameplay and more
It starts with the gameplay in FIFA 16. As has been compared to the previous lot done, especially in defense. Surely you want even when standards make a good figure. See our tutorials on how their free kicks and penalty directly. We show you also how their whopping Long shots out of the game to score balanced.

FIFA 16: Ultimate Team Tips
In FIFA 16 is of course also the popular FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) mode thereby. You want to buy safe many maps packs and players in the transfer market. We give you tips to help you get as many coins in the game.

FIFA 16: Guide for the career mode
Do you play instead of Ultimate Team prefer the career mode in FIFA 16? We tell you not only what you find everything on innovations in career mode, but also show you the best talent with the greatest potential.

FIFA 16: Guide for tricks
Spectators marvel in FIFA 16 if their cool tricks shows on the pitch. With over risers and hack tricks you win not only sympathy but also duels and get your scoring so the same amount of detail. A video tutorial will show you the new tricks and the inputs on your controller.

FIFA 16: These are the best players
To be successful in FIFA 16 include not only your skills as a player. Your increase your chances of success, if you choose a good team with good footballers. We show you who are the best players in FIFA 16.

Are you still wondering about you can also entitled free sample play. There are since the beginning of September a FIFA 16 demo. There you can select more than one team and play the new mode “FUT Draft”. Have you only trouble with the game? Look in our FIFA 16 issue credits with suggested solutions.