clash of clans farming

Before you start writing two lines of introduction. In fact, you have to know that this comprehensive guide Farming Clash of Clans will be useful and applicable to all players of all levels: whether you’re a new player who has just started (and which still has the protection of the 3 days of the Shield) or you is a high-level, skillato and experienced player, earning 750,000 d ‘gold units for your next Town Hall renovation will not be a problem!

Raiding the enemy’s Village Farming with Hack

I think that the type of raid which I will describe here is the most complete and detailed form of “heavy”. Not everyone will agree with me on this point. Some people consider the “Farming” exclusively as actions that require a very low level of trophies, and / or use of goblin units massively.

I personally think all those actions that are intended to get the resources (rather than winning trophies) a form of Farming. Especially when you are looking for an easy game, rather than fight someone of the same level or higher.

Ok, but what does this mean, you ask? Well, simply that this comprehensive guide Farming Clash of Clans, it is full of tips and tricks, but are subjective, CIE relate my own way of playing. For example, I do not really like to do some kind of heavy, that for example where goblins clusters, or get off at a super-low level in the number of trophies. This was just to point out how I intend on Farming in Clash of Clans.

If you are more prone to this other way of seeing the game, I suggest you read you this other my guide on how to quickly expand the Village Clash of Clans.

The advantages in raiding villages

Raiding the village’s main objective is all that I will discuss in this comprehensive guide Farming Clash of Clans: ottenre many resources as possible. Later I will tell you is how to get large amounts of gold and elixir, although are almost identical when trying to razziarli. Generally gold is more valuable to the players, since it is easier to spend (right away in fact both on the walls and for the defense) of Elixir (Elixir because the buildings are used for offensive and for combat units) .

The Perfect Raid

Raiding a village allows you to increase your revenue with literally unlimited resources. The amount of Gold and Elixir that you raid are limited only by your skills and your investment of time. But remember: you’ll lose about 20 trophies every time that you can not destroy the town hall opponent!

perfect raid with coc hack

The raid is perfect when you put in the field the least possible number of units and when you focus only on those resources that are easy to raid, skipping the deposits or the most protected mines.

The perfect raid has two main success factors. In the first place, and I know for a fact that is also what you were thinking, it is the total amount of what you can steal. Second, equally important but often overlooked, it is the investment you make in order to obtain these resources. This means even counting the actual cost of the units distributed during the raid, and also the time it will take to rebuild the units lost.

Resources Hack – determine the source: Deposit vs Mining

Once you’ve figured if you attack a village deserves based on total resources, the next step is to check where they are located. Obviously the resources you will find them both in deposits, in both extractors and mines, but several villages have different percentages in their concetrazione. And here comes the ability to be able to say how many resources can be in each of these facilities, and it will be very useful for those who can master this technique.

The first thing to do and come back with the mind to total resources: the total amounts of each resource are in round numbers? (For example 50,000 or 36,500 or 42,750). If so, this is great news!

This is someone who has not logged in for a long period of time: their extractors and mines are full, and have nothing in their stores. This comes after it was attacked and awarded 3 stars at least once (or several times) recently. Why is it important? It means that you can just raid the Extraction / Mining and steal 100% of the resources.

This is the optimal situation because literally there will be nothing in the deposits (which are usually better protected). So you can easily plunder the Extractors and Mines, and go away happy.
visual method to identify the amount of resources

In this comprehensive guide Farming Clash of Clans I propose an alternative method to measure at a glance the amount of resources in a village. It ‘a technique that you should use only when the number of resources is not a nice round number, or when you can not decide, maybe because the sum is hard to do in mind.

So as stable as many resources there are only a look? You will need to simply observe Extractors and Mines. Does it seem too simple and unreliable? Maybe, but I assure you it works! In fact, in the game, based on how full or empty a puller or Mines, graphics comes to help. Look at the pictures below (as a side note the ‘Elixir is much easier to individual at a glance relative to gold).

Complete Guide Farming Clash of Clans: should i attack or not?

Once you’ve figured out how many resources there are and where they are in the Village, comes the big question: “Attack or not? Should I? ”

It ‘a sensible question, but I can tell you that in the end, it is up to you to decide whether the relationship between the resources that you can achieve and the risk of failure make it a worthwhile village to be attacked, or if you have to continue to look for another.

It ‘true that a lot depends on your assessment and the experience you have of Clash of Clans, but in this comprehensive guide Farming clash of clans hack tool want to give you even more and I propose you a useful table on which to base the assessment of risk.

fifa 16 hack

In FIFA 16 dribbling will take its place in the game again. As in the predecessor to the Dribbling has been found in the game apart from all the tricks and skill moves as nice features to leave the enemy and to go by him with the ball. But compared to last year Electronic Arts has made as a number of changes and announced the so-called “No Touch Dribbling” for FIFA 16th This will not only bring some benefits but also more freedom for the player. What this is exactly is and what impact has the new feature on the dribble in the game, we have summarized below.

Theoretically, each player controls the new no-touch Dribbling in FIFA 16. So some things are but also works in practice on the court observed.

  1. Firstly, the player should have a high value in the speed and dribbling. The speed is important so that you can quickly drop off the ball after feinting to the opposing player and the high Dribbling values ?? reduces the risk that is lost the ball there.
  2. The No Touch Dribbling makes sense only if one is already running up at a high speed to the opposing player. Although one can dribbling even at low speed or after commencement of running, here it is but in our opinion not very effective.
  3. The new Dribbling can theoretically be carried out by any player. These include not only well-known players like Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo but also players with a rating of at least 2 stars on the skills.

Get the most out of FIFA 16 and read out all guides and tips for soccer simulation. We show you how to play the new FIFA and present you tutorials for free kicks or penalty. We ask you for Ultimate Team the best talent before and also explain how you can get many coins in FUT. Here you will find all the tips you need.

FIFA 16 is a football simulation and as befits a simulation, there is a lot to discover. With this overview you come to show all important guides, tutorials and tips on net world. So it’s worth, drop by again. This item is gradually updated.

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